Classic Rock

Scarlet Rebels

Show Your Colours

- Hugh Fielder

roar Classic rock shakedown in the valleys.

Rebranding themselves as Scarlet Rebels, the Welsh classic rockers formerly known as V0iD have beefed up their front line with a couple of new guitarists, including Josh ‘nephew of Pete’ Townshend, who have brought with them a spiffing array of hard-rock riffs. This in turn has reinvigora­ted the rhythm section and sharpened up singer Wayne Doyle’s songwritin­g, giving his anthemic choruses a harder edge while keeping a melodic handle on it all.

They get off to a cracking start, scarcely giving the listener space to breathe for the first couple of numbers as they fire off a series of frenzied riffs and pummelling

choruses, but despite the seeming mayhem it’s all tightly controlled; a couple of splitsecon­d pauses in opener No One Else To Blame exert their own visceral power. Even when they’re confident enough to ease up on the intros, they can seldom resist a power surge later. Doyle’s lyrics roam from redneck presidents (Head’s In The Ground) to mental health (Blinded By The Pain) before letting it all hang out on Returning Light. ■■■■■■■■■■

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