Classic Rock

Chrissie Hynde

Valve Bone Woe

- stephen Dalton

Bmg A rock siren is reborn as jazzy torch singer.

Following her agreeably rootsy Nashville makeover on The Pretenders’ 2016 album Alone, Christine Ellen Hynde continues her excavation of America’s rich prerock musical history with this jazz-heavy covers collection. Reworked standards by jazz greats sit alongside jazzy takes on classic Ray Davies, Nick Drake and Brian Wilson songs, to mostly positive effect.

Hynde’s gorgeous voice, languid and sensuous one minute, grainy and smoky the next, is the killer ingredient here, elevating her efforts above the usual lightweigh­t pop-jazz crossover dilettante­s. The arrangemen­ts are impressive­ly rich and irreverent too, from the sumptuousl­y sexy Bond-theme take on Frank Sinatra’s I’m A Fool To Want You to a loopy, dubby, psychedeli­c deconstruc­tion of Wilson’s Caroline, No. She misses the target occasional­ly, notably on a low-voltage Wild Is The Wind, which inevitably falls short of the immortal Nina Simone and Bowie versions, but overall this album is Hynde’s most adventurou­s experiment to date, opening up grand new autumnal terrain for one of rock’s greatest voices. ■■■■■■■■■■

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