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Hippie Death Cult


- Kris needs

cUrseD tongUe Heavyweigh­t American quartet’s behemoth debut.

Distinguis­hed heavy debuts are few these days, but with 111 Hippie Death Cult unleash a ferocious sonic attack and dynamic tightness that belies it being their first album since forming in early ’18.

With singer Ben Jackson howling Ozzy-style back in the mix, producer Eddie Brnabic’s multi-dubbed guitars lead throughout, his behemoth doomriffs ably underpinne­d by bassist Laura Phillips and drummer Ryan Moore (Sabbath’s first being an obvious touchstone).

While the band’s eco-friendly manifesto ‘beckons us inward to reflect upon our connection to spirit, earth, sky, and each other’ (one song is even called Treehugger), those craving heavy-duty carnage will relish the heaving hippo gonad riffs driving Sanctimoni­ous, Breeder’s Curse and the epic Black Snake, Brnabic deploying panoramic acid-rock frequencie­s in his solos on the horror-rock Pigs and watery, Hendrix-style vibrato on slowie Mrtyu.

Definitely ones to watch. ■■■■■■■■■■

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