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The New Death Cult

The New Death Cult

- essi Berelian

inDie Space-cadet protest songs from the planet Netuluna.

Heavily influenced by the Foo Fighters but looking more like a DayGlo Ghost with a sci-fi back story that has the band being from the depths of outer space, New Death Cult are definitely an entertaini­ng propositio­n. Throw in lyrics savaging the greed and corruption prevalent in all corners of modern life, and you have an aesthetic that’s loosely in tune with the Anonymous protest zeitgeist – the band members go by the pseudonyms Alpha (vocals/guitars), Beta (lead guitar), Gamma (bass) and Delta (drums) – while peddling some instantly addictive hook-laden rock. Moon, Edel, Blood Of Babylon and particular­ly True Eyes certainly have some Grohl in their DNA, while the epic Home and Light Spills Over weirdly bring to mind a very modern Blue Öyster Cult.

Who ever thought the revolution would be led by a bloke dressed in a rather fetching Darth Vader cloak? ■■■■■■■■■■

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