Classic Rock

The Hollywood Stars

Sound City

- essi Berelian


The Sound of star quality.

With two false starts and an eventual debut that failed to ignite, the Kim Fowley-managed Hollywood Stars are another of those bands that should have been huge but never made it – despite writing Alice Cooper’s Escape and Kiss’s King Of The Night Time World.

Following the very limited 2013 release of their shelved 1974 album, finally titled Shine Like A Radio, Sound City, recorded in 1976 but unreleased until now, is another ace example of US glam and power-pop. Five of the tracks eventually made it to the band’s Arista debut in 1977, but the band favour the more spontaneou­sly sparky versions here. Tunes like All The Kids On The Street, Sunrise On Sunset, Make It To The Party and a terrific take on Escape are fantastic, while Shotgun and Houdini Of Rock And Roll make their first appearance ever.

A tantalisin­g new album is in the works. ■■■■■■■■■■

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