Classic Rock

Electric Frankenste­in

How To Make A Monster: 20th Anniversar­y Edition

- Dave everley


Classsic seventh album from cult punk’n’roll heroes.

With more than 100 singles, EPs and albums to their name, New Jersey devils Electric Frankstein are basically the entire history of rock’n’roll condensed into the bodies of five dive-bar bouncers whose faces have met the sidewalk one too many times.

Plenty of those 100 releases are essential, but none so much as their livewire 1999 album How To Make A Monster. Taking inspiratio­n from the creature whose name they’ve lifted, it stitches together arse-on-fire punk’n’roll, glue-huffing horror shtick and 110-per-cent proof neat attitude.

Is it new? Nope – Misfits, Dwarves, Supersucke­rs and a billion others had been doing this shit for years. Is it brilliant? Monstrousl­y so.

When rock’n’roll eventually crashes into the heart of a dying sun millions of years into the future, Electric Frankestei­n will be there to the death. ■■■■■■■■■■

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