Classic Rock

Anti-Nowhere League

We Are The League

- Dom Lawson


Biker punk legends revisit their chaotic reign in DVD doc.

They couldn’t play, they enjoyed a good punch-up, and their two most famous songs are a Ralph McTell cover and one that makes alarming claims about a goat. They were the AntiNowher­e League, Tunbridge Wells’ rowdiest (and possibly only) biker punks. Remarkably self-aware and frequently hilarious, We Are The League sees original members Animal, Magoo and Winston, plus various accomplice­s, taking a good-natured saunter down memory lane.

A rare example of a band that genuinely didn’t give a fuck, the League had Top 40 hits, made one great album and toured the world, before imploding in a mess of drugs, chaos and at least one “septic bollock”. For the most part, it sounds like it was brilliant. Punk legend Rat Scabies notes earnestly how The Damned had regarded themselves as the ultimate troublemak­ers, until Winston stuck a carrot up his own arse (“With thousand island… or it might have been blue cheese dip...”) and then ate it. It was a simpler time. ■■■■■■■■■■

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