Classic Rock

Led Zeppelin: The Day I Was There

Richard Houghton

- John Aizlewood


Fans’ tales of concerts, hotel rooms and holding up John Bonham.

It’s a simple concept: compile the chronologi­cal reminiscen­ces of Led Zeppelin fans who attended concerts worldwide, from a Robert Plant club show in 1965 to the Ahmet Ertegun Tribute at London’s O2 in 2007, add some memorabili­a and a little commentary, and a fascinatin­g alternativ­e history emerges. It could have been a hagiograph­y, but every “shameful”, “they totally sucked” and “I’ve seen better local garage bands” adds authentici­ty to the more predictabl­e eulogies and tales of lives being changed. Beyond the mini-gig reviews, the minutiae adds to the bigger picture, whether it’s Robert Plant being a perfect gentleman with some girls in his hotel room, Jimmy Page signing drinks receipts after Firm gigs, or the man from Kansas who held up a hopelessly drunk John Bonham so that Zeppelin could finish their set. Those, it seems, really were the days. ■■■■■■■■■■

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