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Geoff Tate’s Operation: Mindcrime

The ex-Queensrÿch­e singer returns with his current band.


You’re also part of the touring line-up of the all-star metal opera project Avantasia. With each show running for more than three hours, it’s overblown and really shouldn’t work, but it does. I sing two songs, and there’s an hour before I go back on, so it’s hard to stay sober [laughs]. But Avantasia is a wonderful situation for me. I really enjoy their music and I’ve become good friends with all the band.

Avantasia leader Tobias Sammet is quite a character. He is. He’s like a guy out of a different time. Tobi really connects with people. I have so much respect for him as a performer.

Performed a cast of Italians led by Simone Mularoni of the prog-metal band DGM, your latest undertakin­g, Sweet Oblivion, is a project instigated by Frontiers Records. Simone and I had never met, and we still haven’t. My contributi­on was recorded on tour buses and in hotel rooms.

Mularoni wanted to recreate the mood of the vintage Queensrÿch­e records. How successful do you think he was? I think very. That’s what drew my ear to the project – the playing of this very familiarso­unding music.

Will any Sweet Oblivion material feature in these UK shows? No, though I should think about that for future dates. These shows focus on the songs from my many different albums.

Recent interviews suggest you are relishing the spontaneit­y and creative freedom of your current situation. That’s a good way of describing it, yeah. I like working with different people. After so many years it’s been a long time coming.

After almost a decade since breaking up with Queensrÿch­e, can you now listen to what they’ve done since then? Not really, though I did hear them play live in Barcelona a few years ago. Young Todd [La Torre] sounds so much like me.

Any regrets about the way it ended? Could things have been handled differentl­y? Oh yeah, in a perfect world. But we’re not robots, are we? Operation: Mindcrime’s dates run throughout late August.

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