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Re­gard­ing ‘Over­seas BL Od­dballs’ (Top Ten, Au­gust), Ashok-leyland is not Turk­ish. The Turk­ish Austin lorry was the Austin Sanayi, later to be­come the BMC Sanayi, then BMC (Tur­key), the lat­ter com­pany hav­ing found a niche mar­ket in the UK in the 21st cen­tury for buses, coaches and school­buses.

Ashok-leyland is an In­dian firm, the suc­ces­sor to Ashok, which im­ported and built Austin cars im­me­di­ately post-war. Ashok­ley­land later had ties with Iveco,

lead­ing to such cu­riosi­ties as lor­ries recog­nis­able to our eyes as Ford Car­gos badged as Ashok-ley­lands.

Ashok-leyland, which also made buses and trucks in Sri Lanka as the Lanka Ashok-leyland, now owns Optare, a ma­jor Bri­tish bus builder, and mar­kets the Solo as an Ashok-leyland in some mar­kets.

Turn­ing to the Ro­dacar (later Park­way) Mae­stro, these were given tougher Mae­stro diesel van sus­pen­sion to cope with Bul­gar­ian roads. Lewis Bur­rell

Risca, South Wales

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