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In his com­par­i­son be­tween the BMW CSI and the Alfa Mon­treal (C&SC, Oc­to­ber), Martin Buck­ley men­tions that the Mon­treal pre­sented at the 1967 World’s Fair in Canada emerged ‘sur­pris­ingly vis­ually un­changed’ as a pro­duc­tion car at Geneva in 1970. In fact, there were sev­eral changes.

At the front, the four sep­a­rate blinds over the head­lamps had been re­placed by just two, and the trans­verse row of vents in the bon­net had dis­ap­peared in favour of a prom­i­nent sin­gle Naca-style duct. On the flanks, the glazed slots on the B/c-pil­lars – which gave a won­der­fully airy cabin – were re­placed by black mesh. The del­i­cate, slightly fem­i­nine de­sign had been re­worked to lend a more pow­er­ful, au­thor­i­ta­tive air.

By the way, the bright or­ange of the CSI of the ar­ti­cle was Colorado in BMW nomen­cla­ture – Inca de­noted an older, less red­dish and paler shade of or­ange.

Hans-ge­org Berg

Scheer, Ger­many

Mon­treal wasn’t quite a con­cept car for the road, says Hans-ge­org Berg

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