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The Department for Transport will legislate to introduce E10 as the standard 95-octane petrol in the UK from 1 September 2021. It will also ensure that supply of higher-octane 97+ Super grade, to remain E5 to fuel older vehicles, will continue for a minimum of five years. These ‘Super Protection’ E5 products already exist on many forecourts, including one major supermarke­t retailer, and typically have an octane rating of 99.

Stations that stock two grades of petrol and supply at least 1m litres of fuel each year will need to ensure one product is ‘Protection’ grade, and almost all towns in the UK will have at least one outlet. The main exceptions are certain parts of the Highlands, the north and west coast of Scotland, which will be covered by an exemption and be allowed to continue to market the 95-octane E5 product.

The Federation recommends that all vehicles produced before the year 2000, and some vehicles from the early 2000s that are considered non-compatible, should use the E5 Super Protection grade. Some E5 Super Protection grade products do not contain any ethanol because the E5 designatio­n is for fuels containing up to 5% ethanol. Product availabili­ty varies by manufactur­er and geographic­al location, so be sure to check the situation in your area.


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Planning ahead could soon be key
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