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Replicarz, 1:18, $269


The Fothergill family has been in the model retail business for more than 20 years, and has recently been plugging some key gaps in the market with its Replicarz 1:18 range. As well as Indy 500 classics, it has now released some superb American sportsrace­rs including, at last, the beautiful Scarab.

The shape perfectly captures the lines of Lance Reventlow’s dream prototype, right down to the pinstripin­g. The model comes with full engine detail, and only modern Aeroquip unions and harnesses detract from the period look. Three versions have been produced in limited numbers, including Chuck Daigh’s 1958 Times Grand Prix winner (pictured), Augie Pabst’s Meister Brau team car and Jim Jeffords’ purple Nickey Nouse Meadowdale victor. Later this summer, Reventlow’s left-hand-drive Santa Barbara winner will be released.

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