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I was lucky enough to work for BMW Concession­aires GB Ltd from 1971-’79, so I greatly enjoyed your February cover feature on the the 2002 and 3.0 CSL. Both of these models were such a pleasure to drive and the coupé, especially, simply to appreciate from an aesthetic viewpoint.

While the CSL was faster, I always preferred driving a 2002 on the track days we used to organise for journalist­s and police forces. It was so nimble and handled particular­ly progressiv­ely, allowing it to be driven flat-out around most parts of most circuits. I always felt that I could lap as quickly in a 2002 as I could in a CSL. Both models provided a feeling of great sure-footedness on the Michelin tyres we favoured. This was in contrast to the difficulti­es we had with customers who disliked the Metzeler and Phoenix tyres that were often original equipment – the compounds used just didn’t seem to work on UK roads.

Although there is naturally a focus on the E9 coupés – and in colours such as Inka (orange) or Taiga (metallic green) they exude a wonderful measure of chutzpah – it’s worth observing that the big saloons, especially the 3.0 Si, were also superb from a performanc­e and handling viewpoint.

David Buckden

Via email

 ??  ?? ’02 pips CSL for driver appeal, says Buckden
’02 pips CSL for driver appeal, says Buckden

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