Classic Sports Car



Sold/no built 1975-’80/14,800

Constructi­on steel monocoque

Engine all-alloy, sohc-per-bank 5343cc V12, Lucas fuel injection

Max power 285bhp @ 5800rpm

Max torque 294Ib ft @ 3500rpm

Transmissi­on four-speed manual or three-speed auto, RWD Suspension independen­t, at front by semi-trailing wishbones, coil springs, telescopic dampers rear lower wishbones with driveshaft­s as upper links, radius arms, twin coilovers per side; anti-roll bar f/r

Steering power-assisted rack and pinion Brakes discs, with servo Length 16ft (4872mm) Width 5ft 11in (1791mm) Height 4ft 2in (1265mm) Wheelbase 8ft 6in (2591mm) Weight 3763lb (1707kg) 0-60mph 7.5 secs

Top speed 145mph Mpg 13

Price new £14,472

Price now £5-18,000

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