Classic Sports Car

FIAT 128 1300 CL


Sold/number built 1969-’85/2,776,000

Constructi­on steel monocoque

Engine iron-block, alloy-head, ohc 1290cc ‘four,’ single downdraugh­t Weber carburetto­r

Max power 60bhp @ 6000rpm

Max torque 71.6lb ft @ 3200rpm

Transmissi­on four-speed manual, FWD Suspension independen­t, at front by Macpherson struts, anti-roll bar rear struts, transverse leaf spring

Steering rack and pinion

Brakes discs front, drums rear, with servo

Length 12ft 8in (3856mm)

Width 5ft 21/2 in (1590mm)

Height 4ft 8in (1420mm)

Wheelbase 8ft 1/4in (2448mm)

Weight 1814lb (823kg)

0-60mph 14.6 secs

Top speed 90mph

Mpg 39.5

Price new £2208.50 (1977)

Price now £5-10,000

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