Classic Sports Car



RUST Check sills, outriggers, footwells, rear spring/trailing-arm mountings, inner/outer wheelarche­s front and rear, A/b/c/d-posts, front and rear valances, inner wings, door bottoms, scuttle and ’screen pillars, bonnet hinge panel, and the fit around the bonnet

ENGINE Check for crank end-float, headgasket issues on Mk1s, and general wear (knocks, rumbles, rattles and leaks)

FUEL PUMP Poor maintenanc­e and a lack of understand­ing cause most PI problems; get it set up by club-recommende­d experts

DRIVESHAFT SPLINES Wind-up and clunking was characteri­stic; it gets worse with wear, but can be eliminated now

WOOD TRIM Door cappings suffer from damage due to the sun and damp

BUSHES Cheap to replace, but lots of them

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