Clay Shooting

Buy­ers’ Guide: Guns

James March­ing­ton lists his per­sonal favourite guns for Sport­ing clay shoot­ing

- Austria · Iceland · Perazzi

This month I thought I would give you my per­sonal take on the guns that have given me the most en­joy­ment shoot­ing clays. Inevitably that means I have hit a few with them too – there's lit­tle en­joy­ment in miss­ing ev­ery­thing! Bear in mind that I am no top level shot – you won't find my name in the CPSA av­er­ages, and the most I've ever achieved at clay shoot­ing is a hand­ful of cor­po­rate and char­ity shoot wins. If there are a few ob­vi­ous names miss­ing, re­mem­ber I have shot quite a va­ri­ety of guns over the years, but I haven't tried ev­ery­thing. These are my favourites among the guns that I have used. I'm sure I would ab­so­lutely love shoot­ing a Krieghoff, or a Perazzi, or a Blaser F16, but so far I haven't had the op­por­tu­nity, so they're not on the list. Maybe next year!

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