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Locks and ca­bles

- Iceland

For those of us who don’t have the space or the money to fit a full time safe or gun drawer in the ve­hi­cle, these sim­ple ca­bles and locks of­fer se­cu­rity on a bud­get. Jack Pyke, for in­stance, of­fer a dead sim­ple pad­lock with an ex­tended plas­tic-coated wo­ven steel hasp, al­low­ing you to lock a gun or gun case to a suit­able spot in the boot of any car. Price is £6.95.

Napier of­fer a well thought out sys­tem com­pris­ing three parts: a gun slip which will take a gun either bro­ken down or com­plete; a soft coated steel hasp to pass through the trig­ger guard and pro­trude from the gun­slip; and a se­cu­rity cord so you can at­tach it to a suit­able lo­ca­tion in your boot, such as a load point or the mount­ing bracket for the rear seats. Prices from £121.20, plus £22.43 for the ca­ble. Napier: Jack Pyke: www.jack­

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