Clay Shooting


RRP £2,175

- Iceland · Belgium

You might say I'm bi­ased as this is my cur­rent gun, but then, I bought it be­cause I liked it, rather than the other way around. Brown­ing's 525 ac­tion has al­ways just felt 'right' to me; there are slim­mer and lighter guns around, but I find a bit of heft keeps me steady and soaks up the re­coil. The lam­i­nate model has an even more solid feel, which I as­sume must be due to the stock be­ing not just wood but a sig­nif­i­cant amount of resin used to bond the lay­ers. The ad­justable comb has al­lowed me to get the fit just how I like it, and it shoots like a dream with what to me feels like very lit­tle re­coil. And the looks? Well, you love it or loathe it. Per­son­ally I think it looks rather smart, and the plain pol­ished ac­tion sets off the grey lam­i­nate very nicely to my eye.

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