Clay Shooting

Lyal­vale EX­PRESS SU­PER Comp

- Sports · Iceland

Load: 28gm Plas­tic 9 shot Case Length: 70mm Muz­zle Ve­loc­ity: 1450 fps Price: £249 / 1,000 Su­per Comp has been around for ages, and re­mains one of the most pop­u­lar spe­cial­ist clay shoot­ing car­tridges. We looked at the Pro Skeet last month in 9½ shot, but the Su­per Comp is more of­ten used, es­pe­cially for English Skeet. Its price point in­di­cates its higher per­for­mance, and it is en­tirely suit­able for top level com­pe­ti­tion work.

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