Clay Shooting : 2019-09-18

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Where to Shoot

...with Holmes Chapel Shooting Ground Practice and coaching available, booking advisable Telephone number: 01271 863959 or phone Clive 07773 811440 northdevon­shootinggr­ Open Wednesdays 6:30-8:45pm Sundays 09:30am-12:00. Practice and coaching available. Competitio­n on Sundays, see web 0191 377 2412 DERBYSHIRE Holmes Chapel, Crewe, CPSA Registered DTL, HD, SB Open Wednesday 10am–5pm, Competitio­n Every Sunday, largely DTL. Practice and coaching available, no need to book practice 01477 518444 info@holmeschap­ www.holmeschap­ Darley Dale Clay Pigeon Club Discipline­s: Near Brassingto­n, CPSA Affiliated ESP Practice and informal coaching available. Competitio­n on second and fourth Sundays Discipline­s: Email: Web: Telephone: Email: Web: Telephone: Email: Web: Sid Vale Gun Club Telephone: Email: Web: 07989 172 870 Sidbury, CPSA Affiliated ESK, Compak, DTL, ABT, Locomotion One Clay Target Club Discipline­s: Darlington, CPSA Affiliated ESP Practice and coaching available Every other week on a Sunday, 10am-12.30 07760 283151 theteesval­leyjazzmen@hotmail. ESP Open fortnightl­y, March-september, 2pm-6pm Discipline­s: Mickley Hall Doveridge Clay Sports Centre Broomhall, Nantwich, CPSA registered ESP, FSP, CSP, STR, Open Tuesday-saturday. 100-bird ESP competitio­ns on last Sundays, 75 Fitasc and 25 Compak on second Wednesdays, plus other events as listed on the web Practice and coaching available 07766 252438 admin@mickleyhal­ www.mickleyhal­ Doveridge, Ashbourne, CPSA Premier Plus ground Discipline­s: Telephone: Email: 01395 579659 Telephone: Email: Discipline­s: DTL, ESK, ESP, ABT, AR, OTR, OSK, DT, FSP, CSP, SKD, STR Open Wednesday–sunday 10am-5pm. Practice and coaching available. See web for competitio­n details 01889 565 986 info@doveridgec­ doveridgec­ www.loco-oneclaytar­getshootin­g. South West Shooting School Web: Ilfracombe, CPSA Premier ground ESP Practice and coaching available 365 days a year, telephone for details of competitio­n 01271 864784 info@southwests­ www.southwests­ com Discipline­s: Telephone: Email: Web: Times Inn Gun Club Telephone: Email: Web: Seaham, CPSA Affiliated ESP Open Sunday mornings 9.15-12. No entry to ground after 9.15 0191 581 9420 thetimesin­ Discipline­s: Telephone: Email: Web: Owl’s Hoot Target Club Ockbrook Gun Club Warrington, CPSA Registered ESP Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, 10am2pm Practice and coaching available 07969 232422 www.owlshootta­ Telephone: Email: Web: Eggington, CPSA Affiliated ESP Non member visits by appointmen­t only. Competitio­ns every second and fourth Sundays. Fibre wads only 07909 920722 ockbrookgu­nclub@virginmedi­a. Discipline­s: Discipline­s: Tavistock Clay Pigeon Club Tavistock, CPSA Affiliated ESP Open alternate Sundays 10-1, Fibre wad only, max load 28g 01822 855 511 info@tavistocks­ Tavistockc­laypigeonc­lub Discipline­s: Bush Spring Shooting Club Telephone: Email: Web: Boxted, CPSA Affiliated DTL, ESK, ESP Practice available Saturdays 10-1. 100bird shoot first Saturdays. Fibre wad only 01799 524 888 Telephone: Email: Discipline­s: Telephone: Email: Web: com Web: www.ockbrookgu­ CORNWALL Telephone: Email: Web: Lower Lake Shooting Ground Old Glossop Clay Shooting Ground Upton Cross, Liskeard, CPSA Registered DTL, ESK, ESP, ABT, AR, OSK, SKD, STR Open Wednesdays and some weekends. Other days are available for tuition. See web for competitio­n details. Practice and coaching available 01579 363301 Bill@shootingin­ www.shootingin­ Old Glossop, CPSA Registered ESP, FSP Clay shooting experience sessions available. 100-bird ESP competitio­ns on first and third Sundays 07508 363918 contact@oldglossop­ oldglossop­ Discipline­s: DORSET Discipline­s: Christchur­ch Gun Club Christchur­ch, CPSA Affiliated DTL Practice and coaching available twice per week, contact the club for details. Fibre wad only Clacton Gun Club Clacton, CPSA Registered DTL, ESK, ESP, ABT, AR, DT, FSP, HEL, SKD, STR 07576 828303 Discipline­s: Discipline­s: Telephone: Email: Web: Telephone: Email: Telephone: Email: Web: Telephone: Email: Web: 01202 855 540 philharris­ www.christchur­ Fenlands Gun Club Yeavely Estate Bulphan Yeaveley, Ashbourne, CPSA affiliated ESP, ABT, DTL 50-bird open competitio­ns twice a month, see web for details. Fibre wad only 01335 330247 High View Clay Shoot Telephone: Email: Fennes Shooting School 01375 851986 Discipline­s: Boyton, Launceston, CPSA Registered ESP, FSP Open from 9am every other Sunday. Competitio­n Every other Sunday. Practice and coaching available. Max load is 28g, no cartridges available to buy on site Purbeck Shooting School Discipline­s: Wareham, CPSA Registered ESP, Fitasc Open Tuesday–saturday 10am–6pm. Practice and coaching available. Fitasc competitio­ns on second Wednesdays, 50-bird ESP on last Saturdays 01929 405101 www.purbecksho­otingschoo­ Discipline­s: Bocking, Braintree, CPSA Affiliated DTL, ESK, ESP Open Monday–friday, 9am-6pm, Saturday 9am-1pm. Practice and coaching available. Contact ground for competitio­n details 01376 324599 info@fennesclay­ fennesclay­ Telephone: Email: Web: Discipline­s: DEVON Telephone: Email: Web: 01566 785433 clays@highviewcl­ www.highviewcl­ Telephone: Web: Ashley Clay Shoot Telephone: Email: Web: Tiverton, CPSA Registered ESP, STR Competitio­n fortnightl­y on Sundays, 10am–1pm see Facebook for details 01884 243476 ashleyclay­ Ashleyclay­shoot/ Discipline­s: DURHAM Landare Farm Clay Shoot Hardwick Park House Gun Club Hepworth Hall Shooting Ground Duloe, Liskeard, CPSA Registered ESK, ESP, ABT, OSK, FSP, Trimdon, CPSA Affiliated ESP, DTL Practice and coaching available Sundays 10am, Wednesdays 6–7.30pm. Competitio­n for members only 0191 586 3114 humphriese@btopenworl­ www.hardwickcl­ Telephone: Email: Web: Halstead, CPSA Registered ESP, FSP 01842 810121 johndyson4­ Discipline­s: Discipline­s: Discipline­s: Telephone: Email: SKD, STR Telephone: Email: 07983 399414 davemitch7­ Telephone: Email: Web: Axminster Gun Club Mayland Gun Club North Cornwall Shooting Ground Axminster, CPSA Registered DTL, DR, SB DTL competitio­ns every first and third Saturdays Latchingdo­n, Chelmsford, CPSA Registered Launceston, CPSA Registered DTL, ABT, DR, SB, UTR, STR Open Thursday 12-5.45pm, Saturday 9.30am-6pm. See Facebook for competitio­n details. Practice and coaching available. Non-licence holders shoot under supervisio­n 01409 211458 northcornw­ North-cornwall-shootinggr­ound-1469625753­80745/ Discipline­s: Discipline­s: Discipline­s: DTL, DR, SB Practice available, competitio­n at least two Sundays per month, see web for details Oak Lodge Shooting Ground Telephone: Email: 01404 881588 Hartlepool, CPSA Registered DTL, ESP, FSP, STR Practice and coaching available. Open Wednesday 6-8.30pm, Saturday 10am3pm (bookings only), Sunday 10-3. See web for competitio­n details 07786 868691 Discipline­s: Telephone: Email: 07572 878348 Bradford Shooting Ground Telephone: Email: Web: Bradford, CPSA Registered DTL, ESP, ABT, FSP, CSP, maylandgun­ Discipline­s: SB, STR Open for practice Tuesdays 2pm-dusk, February to October. Competitio­n on many Saturdays, see web for details 01409 281341 bradfordct­ www.clayshooti­ Telephone: Email: Orion Gun Club Brentwood, CPSA Affiliated ESK, DTL, ESP Open every Sunday, 10am-1pm. Practice and coaching available – informal only 01268 776542 info@oaklodgesh­ootinggrou­ Discipline­s: Web: Telephone: Email: Web: CUMBRIA www.oaklodgesh­ootinggrou­ Penrith District Gun Club Telephone: Email: Web: Bowscar, Penrith, CPSA Registered DTL, ESP, ABT, DR, SB Competitio­ns every other Sunday 01697 361024 penrithand­districtgu­nclub1964@ Spennymoor & District Clay Pigeon Club Discipline­s: North Devon Shooting Ground Bishop Middleham, Ferryham, CPSA Registered Telephone: Email: Ilfracombe, CPSA Affiliated ESP Open Monday to Saturday 10am-4pm. Discipline­s: Discipline­s: DTL, ESK, ESP, ABT, AR, DR, SB 82