Clay Shooting : 2019-09-18

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Where to Shoot

...with available. Competitio­n on Sundays – see web for details 01903 877555 info@southdowng­ www.southdowng­ highwayman­sshootingg­ Kent Gun Club Telephone: Email: Web: Tandridge, CPSA Registered DTL See web for competitio­n details 01883 330110 bob@kentgunclu­ kentgunclu­ SURREY Bisley Gun Club Discipline­s: Bisley, CPSA Registered DTL Competitio­n Saturdays and Sundays, see web for details 07713 762928 secretary@thebisleyg­ www.thebisleyg­ Discipline­s: Telephone: Email: Web: WARWICKSHI­RE Cosford Shooting Ground Eriswell Lodge continues to grow and expand, with investment constantly being put into the shooting areas to ensure the best possible experience. Our designated trap and skeet ranges have had a dramatic facelift, and the sporting layout is changed as often as possible to ensure variation even for those who visit us weekly. Our Promatic traps are the perfect trap for us, as they are easily managed to ensure minimal no birds and break downs. On site we now have the facilities for the shooting of; English sporting, Skeet, DTL, ABT, Sportrap and all the variations of these. Telephone: Email: Web: Cosford, CPSA Registered ESK, ESP, OSK, FSP, CSP, National Clay Shooting Centre Discipline­s: Bisley, CPSA Premier Plus ground DTL, ESK, ABT, OTR, OSK, DT, UTR, SKD Open Tuesday–sunday 9am–4.30pm. Solo practice and coaching available. See web for competitio­n details 01483 797666 SKD, STR Open Thursdays and Saturdays 10am– 3pm. Sundays 10am–1.30pm solo practice and coaching available. Contact ground for competitio­n details 07563 518090 Discipline­s: Bisley Shooting Ground Bisley, CPSA Premier Plus ground ESP, FSP Open every day, 9am–4pm. Solo practice and coaching available. 100-bird ESP club shoot one Sunday morning per month – see web for details 01483 797017 office@bisleyshoo­ www.bisleyshoo­ Discipline­s: Telephone: Email: Web: Telephone: Email: Web: Forhill Shooting Club Telephone: Email: Web: Star Gun Club Hollywood, Birmingham, CPSA Affiliated DTL, ESP, SB Open every other Sunday, 10am–2pm 07836 225580 johnbtimmi­ Discipline­s: Malden Rushett, CPSA Affiliated ESP Open alternate Sundays 9.30am– 12.30pm Discipline­s: Telephone: Email: Web: BT Shawlands CPSC Address: Eriswell Lodge, Brandon Road, Eriswell, Brandon, Suffolk 01638 534045 Lingfield, CPSA Affiliated ESP Coaching available for beginners. Competitio­n Second and last Saturdays of every month (except August and December), shooting starts at 10.30am – contact club for further details 01342 833032 www.btshawland­ Discipline­s: Telephone: Email: Web: 0208 979 2687 admin@stargunclu­ www.stargunclu­ Telephone: Email: Honesberie Shooting Southam, CPSA Premier Plus ground ESP, FSP Open Monday–saturday 9am–6pm. Solo practice and coaching available. Call ahead to book. Competitio­ns take place at Hill Farm – see web for details 01327 262922 nick@honesberie­ www.honesberie­ Discipline­s: SUSSEX Kingscote Shooting Ground Telephone: Email: Web: East Grinstead, CPSA Affiliated ESP Open the first or second Saturday of each month, 10am–1pm, last entry 12pm. Discipline­s: Telephone: Email: Web: Cobham Sporting Gun Telephone: Email: Web: Ripley, CPSA Affiliated ESP 72-bird ESP competitio­ns on first and third Sunday mornings, registrati­on 9.30am – contact club before attending 01372 378039 www.cobhamspor­ 01903 340657­g/ A favourite Suffolk Premier Plus Clay Shooting venue offers a variety of discipline­s including 20-plus Sporting Stands, Skeet, DTL & ABT ranges, some challengin­g towers alongside four new fully automated & voice activated Compak/sportrap layouts. We’re open for practice clays six days a week and some Sundays with instructio­n available most days, and on-site luxury accommodat­ion for that shooting break makes us the ideal choice for shooters of all abilities. Take a look at our website to see what else we offer. Discipline­s: Lea Marston Shooting Club Lea Marston, Sutton Coldfield, CPSA Registered Mill Farm Pevensey Discipline­s: Telephone: Email: Web: Westham, Pevensey, CPSA Affiliated ESK, ESP, Compak Open Alternate Sundays, 10am–2pm 07790 498435 DTL, ESK, ESP, AR, OSK, FSP, CSP, HD, SB, SKD, STR See web for opening times. Practice and coaching available. Check with ground regarding membership restrictio­ns 01676 540070 guy@leamarston­shootingcl­ub. Discipline­s: Telephone: Email: Web: Dunsfold Clay Pigeon Club Telephone: Email: Alford, CPSA Affiliated ESP Open first and third Sundays 0208 393 9732 dunsfoldcp­ Dunsfoldcl­aypigeoncl­ub Discipline­s: millfarmcl­aypigeoncl­ub com Web: Telephone: Email: Web: www.leamarston­shootingcl­ Mill Farm Petworth Rugby & District Trap Club Petworth Discipline­s: ESP Open the first Sunday of every month, 10am. Last entries 12.30pm 01798 861218 sporting Crick, CPSA Premier ground ABT, DT, HEL, UTR Open most Sundays from 10am - see web for fixtures. Practice available 07770 551491 Address: High Lodge Leisure Ltd, Haw Wood, Hinton, Nr Darsham, Suffolk, IP17 3QT 01986 784647 Discipline­s: Gatwick Clay Shooting School Tel: Email: Web: Telephone: Email: Web: Charlwood, CPSA Affiliated DTL, ESK, ESP, ABT Competitio­n first and third Sundays, 10am. Last entry 1pm. DTL on fifth Sundays. Coaching available 07769 701842 manager@ gatwickcla­yshootings­ Telephone: Email: Web: Discipline­s: practice and coaching available. Skeet competitio­n on Wednesday evening and regular ESP – see web for details. 01638 534045 Wedgnock Shooting Ground Telephone: Email: Northall Clay Pigeon Club Fletching, CPSA Premier ground DTL, ESP Open Wednesdays, Saturdays and alternate Fridays 10am–5pm. Practice and coaching available. Competitio­n biweekly on Saturdays. See web for details 01825 791783 jan@northallcp­ www.northallcp­ Warwick, CPSA Affiliated ESK, ESP Monday–friday 10am–5.30pm, Sundays 10am–1pm, some Saturdays. Practice available and coaching available; enquire for details Discipline­s: Discipline­s: Telephone: Email: Web: Web: www.gatwickcla­yshootings­ Headley Clay Pigeon Shooting Club High Lodge Telephone: Email: Web: Telephone: Email: Web: 01926 491948 steve@adventures­ www.adventures­ Headley, Epsom, CPSA Affiliated DTL, ESP Open alternate Saturdays. First shot is at 10am sharp. Last Sporting card 2pm. Last Compak and DTL cards at 2.30pm. Last shot at 3pm sharp. Practice and coaching available 07831 879200 info@headleycla­ www.headleycla­ Hinton, CPSA Premier Plus ground ESK, ESP, OSK, FSP, CSP, Discipline­s: Discipline­s: STR Solo practice and coaching available Monday–saturday 10am- 5pm, Sundays 9am – 12.30pm (Winter) Competitio­ns on various Saturdays and Sundays, see web for details 01986 784347 Polowood Clay Shooting Ground Falmer, CPSA Affiliated ESP, Compak Open alternate Sundays, 9am–2.30pm, Tuesdays from April to September, 12pm–7.30pm. 07818 203871 WILTSHIRE Discipline­s: Barbury Shooting School Telephone: Email: Web: Wroughton, CPSA Registered ESP, FSP, CSP, STR Open Mon–fri 9am–5pm (till 7pm on summer Weds) Sat 9am–3pm, Suns and bank hols 9am–12pm. Practice and coaching available. Competitio­n details on web Discipline­s: Telephone: Email: Web: Telephone: Email: Horne Clay Pigeon Club Court Farm and Gatton Bottom, CPSA Registered gary@claypigeon­shootingbr­ www.claypigeon­shootingbr­ighton. Highwayman’s Shooting Ground Web: Risby, CPSA Premier ground ESP, FSP Open February–september, various Sundays from 9am. Coaching available. See web for competitio­n details 07836 643436 info@suffolksho­otingschoo­ Telephone: Email: Web: Discipline­s: 01793 940420 enquiries@barburysho­ www.barburysho­otingschoo­ ESP Competitio­n every Sunday at one of the two grounds – see web for details. Coaching available 07711 332097 www.clayandcou­ Discipline­s: Southdown Gun Club Worthing, CPSA Premier ground DTL, ESK, ESP, ABT, AR, FSP, CSP, HEL, DR, SB, STR Open Wednesdays-saturdays 10am4.30pm. Solo practice and Coaching Discipline­s: Gunsite Sporting Clays Telephone: Email: Web: Telephone: Email: Web: Marlboroug­h, CPSA Registered ESP Discipline­s: 86