Clay Shooting : 2019-09-18

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Where to Shoot

...with of competitio­ns between 50 and 100 birds. Non-members welcome. 01352 720349 info@caerwysdis­trictclayt­ www.caerwysdis­trictclayt­ Ground Open 9am-5pm Tuesday-saturday, with shooting 10am-4pm, plus second and fourth Sundays. Practice and tuition available. Regular registered shoots – see web for details. 01686 430654 enquiries@ midwalessh­ootingcent­ www.midwalessh­ootingcent­ Discipline­s: ESP, ESK, DTL, STR, ABT, OT Open Wednesday to Sunday from 10am5pm – closing times subject to seasonal variations. Lessons, practice and competitio­ns offered – see web 01978 790198 Telephone: Email: Web: Telephone: Email: Telephone: Email: Web: Auchterhou­se Country Sports is one of the top clay targets shooting grounds in the country & recently voted Scotland's Favourite for 2018. They offer: Skeet, Olympic Skeet, DTL, OT, Sporting, Compact, High Tower. They also have The Clays Shop for all your shooting clothes and accessorie­s and The Pear Tree Restaurant where you can get anything from a bacon roll to a fillet steak. A lovely clubhouse and warm welcome awaits you at Auchterhou­se. Auchterhou­se Country Sports, Burnhead Farm, Auchterhou­se By Dundee, DD3 0QN 01382 320476 Carmarthen Clay Target Club Web: North Wales Shooting School Nantyci, Carmarthen ESP, DTL Open alternate Saturdays 1-6.30pm, see Facebook for details. 01269 860295 Carmarthen-clay-target-shootingcl­ub-6056767432­08640/ Discipline­s: Ferndale Shooting Clays Sealand. CPSA Registered DTL, ESK, ESP, OT, DT Open Tuesday-friday 9am-5pm, Saturday 9am-4pm. Solo practice and tuition available. 01686 430654 enquiries@ midwalessh­ootingcent­ www.midwalessh­ootingcent­ Discipline­s: Y Ffaldau, CPSA Affiliated ESP Open Thursdays 12pm-7pm, Saturdays 10am-4pm. Practice available for non-members, no licence necessary. For competitio­n and up-to-date info check ferndalesh­ootingclub/ 07771 603989 lyn@ferndalesh­ www.ferndalesh­ Discipline­s: Telephone: Web: Telephone: Email: Cefn Tilla Clays Web: Telephone: Email: Web: Llandenny Address: Discipline­s: South Wales 2000 Shooting Ground ESP Open some Wednesdays and Saturdays for practice and competitio­ns. Offers tuition to groups looking to experience clay shooting for the first time. 01291 672595 cefntillac­lays Gwent. CPSA Premier Plus DTL, UTR, OT, DT, ABT, Discipline­s: Telephone: Email: Flint Clay Target Club Fitasc, CSP Open Tuesday-sunday 10am-5pm. Closes at 7pm on Thursdays in summer. Practice and tuition available. Competitio­ns on weekends – see web for details. Flint, CPSA Associated ESP Open second and fourth Sundays, 10am12pm. info@auchterhou­secountrys­ Telephone: Email: Web: Discipline­s: Web: www.auchterhou­secountrys­ Telephone: Email: 07917 855020 harryrossi­ Telephone: Email: Web: 01495 201182 enquiries@southwales­ www.clayshooti­ Crynant Shooting Ground Griffin Lloyd Shooting Ground Port Talbot Discipline­s: ESP, ESK, ABT, DTL Open Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays 10am-3pm. Practice and tuition available, grounds can also be opened at other times by prior arrangemen­t. 07855 828167 firstcorpo­ www.crynant-shooting-ground. Knighton, Powys. CPSA Registered ESP, DTL, ABT, OTR, DT Open Saturdays and Sundays, 9.30am4pm. Solo practice is available. Tuition must be booked in advance. For competitio­n details see website. 01547 550634 enquiries@griffinllo­ www.griffinllo­ Discipline­s: St Dials Shooting Ground (Hart Events) Monmouth Discipline­s: ESP, Fitasc, STR, Compak Open competitio­n days and tuition by appointmen­t, see web for details. 0785085401­6 Telephone: Email: Web: Experience clay pigeon shooting in an authentic country sporting location on the 1500-acre Menie Estate, Balmedie, Aberdeensh­ire. Suitable for all, from novice to expert shot, we offer trap discipline­s – Flush, DTL, Tower and Simulated Game Days. Catering included, we welcome private and corporate parties and individual tuition and ladies, our monthly Thistle Ladies Club is open to all. Aberdeen Shooting School, Menie Estate, Balmedie, Aberdeen, AB23 8YE Telephone: Email: Web: Telephone: Email: Web: Dovey Valley Shooting Ground Leadbrook Hall Shooting Ground Woodland Park Shooting Ground Machynllet­h, Powys. ESP, ABT, ESK, DTL. Open 9.30am-4pm Mon, Wed, Fri and Sat; 10am-4pm Sun. Offers coaching, have-a-go, caddied rounds, sim game and corporate events. 01650 511252 or 07889 Flint, CPSA Associated ESP Open competitio­n clay shoots held on second and fifth Sundays. 07977 624358 info@leadbrookc­ leadbrookc­ Discipline­s: Discipline­s: Battle, Brecon ESP Open Fridays 10am-5pm, Saturdays 10am-4pm .Solo practice on 100-clay layout for certificat­e holders. Tuition available. Shooters must only use the ground’s own cartridges. 0781118941­3 Discipline­s: Telephone: Email: Web: Address: Telephone: 225488 Info@doveyvalle­ www.doveyvalle­ Telephone: Email: 01888 562428 info@hendersons­countryspo­rts. Email: Web: Fauxdegla Mid Wales Shooting Ground Telephone: Email: Web: Knighton, Powys. CPSA Premier Plus DTL, ESK, ESP, ABT, AR, OSK, FSP, DR, SB www.aberdeensh­ootingscho­ol. Discipline­s: Web: Llandegla, Wrexham, CPSA Premier Plus 88 SCOTLAND