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Ve­loc­ity is mea­sured at 2.5 me­tres from the muz­zle.

Pres­sure is the mean breech fig­ure in Bar (as per CIP). SD is Stan­dard De­vi­a­tion (con­sis­tency). CD is the Cen­tral Den­sity rat­ing. This records the per­cent­age of the to­tal pel­lets land­ing in the 30-inch cir­cle that were also within the in­ner 20-inch cir­cle

Shot size is de­rived from ac­tual pel­let count per ounce and is listed to the near­est UK size, with < and > sym­bols where shot is slightly larger or smaller than the near­est size. UK No.7 = 340 pel­lets/oz; UK No.7.5 = 400 pel­lets/oz; UK No.8 = 450/oz; UK No. 9 = 580/oz. Shot weight is the av­er­age ac­tual shot load, mea­sured in grains. 1 grain = 0.065 grams = 0.0023 oz. CV is Crush Value. This is the amount by which the shot is re­duced in size when sub­jected to the stan­dard crush test. A smaller value means harder lead, so a CV fig­ure of 20% is harder than 30%, for pel­lets of sim­i­lar size. Smaller shot crushes pro­por­tion­ately more than larger size.

Choke bor­ing Nom­i­nal pat­tern per­cent­ages at 40 yards are: Half Choke 60%; Imp/ Mod (three quar­ter) choke 65%; Full choke 70%.

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