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How much you spend per week? Around £80, but it varies be­cause I eat out a lot. I tend to get most things from Tesco, but if I’m cook­ing for peo­ple, I’ll go to M&S. De­scribe your daily diet... I’m try­ing to gain weight at the mo­ment [Olivia is a size 6]. I’ve al­ways strug­gled be­cause I have a fast me­tab­o­lism, so I’m eat­ing fuller meals. I start the day with a big bowl of por­ridge with fruit, then mid-morn­ing I’ll grab a panini and a cof­fee from Star­bucks. I try to eat carbs for lunch so I’ll have Nando’s – but­ter­fly chicken with rice and coleslaw. In the evenings, I love a big Mediter­ranean salad with grilled chicken, veg, cous­cous and hou­mous, or a stir-fry with rice noo­dles. I snack on jelly ba­bies, pop­corn or car­rots and hou­mous. Is there any­thing you refuse to eat? I’m not big on red meat, I find it hard to digest and it sits in my stom­ach for days. What’s the strangest thing you’ve eaten? When I vis­ited Spain last year, I or­dered pizza with chips, but when it came out the chips had been baked onto the pizza as a top­ping. They mis­un­der­stood what I’d asked for! What would you cook to im­press some­one? I’d make fish­cakes from scratch us­ing cod, had­dock, salmon and prawns, served with mashed potato and chives. What’s your food hang­over cure? A Domino’s pizza or a Chi­nese take­away.

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