Lizzie Cundy: “Meghan’s a free spirit – but that could all change”, plus Paul Bur­rell: “Harry will make sure Meghan doesn’t strug­gle like Diana did”

Her world has been turned up­side down since she be­gan dat­ing Prince Harry in 2016, and their week­end wed­ding marks the start of a new life for Meghan Markle. TV host Lizzie Cundy – who in­ter­viewed the star, 36, on the red car­pet at a 2013 Lon­don event and

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Julie, 44, tells Closer that fel­low Amer­i­can Meghan Markle may have to get used to some bizarre tra­di­tions and rules in her new life as royal wife. She says, “I think Meghan will not only have to ad­just to life as part of the royal fam­ily, but also life as an Amer­i­can in a very Bri­tish fam­ily. I met my hus­band through mu­tual friends at a party. I don’t think I quite un­der­stood what his ti­tle meant at first, as we don’t learn about Bri­tish aris­toc­racy at school in the US. I no­ticed a huge dif­fer­ence be­tween my new Bri­tish rel­a­tives and my­self. Amer­i­cans wear their hearts on their sleeves and we’re quite vo­cal and loud. Brits are more re­served, so I had to tone it down!

“I don’t think Meghan should for­get her Amer­i­can roots, though, be­cause that’s ob­vi­ously a side of her that Harry fell in love with. But there will be a lot of pro­to­col to get used to, like what cut­lery to use, or the right plates and glasses. My hus­band never comes down to break­fast in his py­ja­mas. Every meal is a for­mal af­fair and we dress ac­cord­ingly. He learned that through his fam­ily and I’d be sur­prised if Harry was any dif­fer­ent.

“I ex­pect Harry and Meghan will be able to en­joy nights with friends, but they’ll prob­a­bly be ad­vised to do din­ner par­ties at home, or hire a pri­vate din­ing area. Meghan won’t be able to walk down the street with­out body­guards. I’m sure Harry will be a great teacher and guide her. The royal fam­ily are still nor­mal peo­ple! My hus­band may have a ti­tle, but he’s the most down-to-earth per­son and I’m sure Harry is the same.”

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