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Fit­ness ex­pert Melissa Lorch says, “Natalia has done well to shape up, but women shouldn’t put pres­sure on them­selves to bounce back post-par­tum. Preg­nancy and labour puts your body un­der an enor­mous strain, be care­ful and lis­ten to what your body needs. You don’t need to throw your­self into an in­tense work­out pro­gramme – it’s a marathon not a sprint. You don’t have to lose a cer­tain amount of weight in record-break­ing time. Give your­self at least 12 months post-par­tum to achieve the look and body you de­sire. Af­ter hav­ing a baby your body has been through new stresses, you should be nour­ish­ing it, not pun­ish­ing it.” For more info, visit www.fit4­

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