Psy­chic banker: “I quit my high-fly­ing job to be­come an ex­or­cist”

Suzanne Gill prides her­self on be­ing a first-class ghost hunter...

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When Suzanne Gill left her re­spectable ca­reer in bank­ing to be­come an ex­or­cist, her fam­ily thought she’d taken leave of her senses.

But now, Suzanne, 46 – who lives in Gateshead with her two chil­dren, Francesca, 21, and Alex, 14 – earns £40,000 a year com­mu­ni­cat­ing with evil spir­its.

Suzanne says, “Ghosts can wreak havoc on fam­ily life – I’ve seen chil­dren pulled from their beds, and one man was pushed down the stairs. I spoke to one fam­ily who lived in their lounge, too scared to en­ter the other rooms.


“These peo­ple be­come ter­ri­fied of their own homes, so it’s won­der­ful to be able to make them feel safe again.

“I used to spend hours in the of­fice work­ing in busi­ness bank­ing, por­ing over spread­sheets. It was a risk to make such a dras­tic ca­reer change, but I don’t re­gret it for a sec­ond. The day I left my job, I set up a sim­ple web­site and, be­fore long, my di­ary was booked up weeks in ad­vance.”

Suzanne claims she’s had her gift since birth, ex­plain­ing, “As a child, I re­mem­ber see­ing fig­ures around my home. I’d talk to them, but my par­ents just as­sumed I was play­ing make­be­lieve. I was never fright­ened – ghosts look like nor­mal peo­ple with a glow around them, like Pa­trick Swayze in Ghost.

“From an early age, I could also see my spirit guides, who tell me of fu­ture events, and help me to com­mu­ni­cate with peo­ple who’ve passed. They al­ways ap­pear on my right-hand side, and come in dif­fer­ent forms, from beau­ti­ful an­gels to old women. The spirit guide I feel the strong­est con­nec­tion to is an el­derly Na­tive Amer­i­can man called Red Cloud.”


As Suzanne got older, she re­alised her tal­ent was unique, and be­gan do­ing free­lance psy­chic work, even af­ter get­ting a job as a busi­ness bank­ing man­ager in 2003. Over the years, spir­its have re­vealed to Suzanne that her friend’s aunt would have a daugh­ter – de­spite not be­ing able to have chil­dren – and that Suzanne would be struck down with ap­pen­dici­tis.

At the age of 31, Red Cloud told Suzanne it was time to be­come a full-time medium and ex­or­cist. She says, “I was at home, and he ap­peared and told me to give up ev­ery­thing. I trust him com­pletely and handed in my no­tice the next day.”


She adds, “My bosses may have been scep­ti­cal, but they could see how pas­sion­ate I was, so they were very sup­port­ive. My fam­ily were shocked, too, but they knew I was de­ter­mined. They didn’t want me to have any re­grets.”

Now Suzanne spends most of her time con­duct­ing house cleanses – a type of ex­or­cism which rids a home of evil en­ergy. She ex­or­cises around seven houses a month.

She says, “I find the area in the home where the para­nor­mal ac­tiv­ity is fo­cused by look­ing for cold spots. Then I put salt around all the doors and lock the spirit in a room overnight, be­fore re­leas­ing it for good.

“It’s of­ten only when the fam­ily walks into the house the fol­low­ing day, and feels how much lighter the en­ergy is, that they re­alise what dif­fi­cult con­di­tions they were liv­ing in.

“The av­er­age per­son wouldn’t be able to sim­ply sprin­kle salt around a door and per­form an ex­or­cism. You need the gift to com­mu­ni­cate with spir­its, like I have.

“I’ve been told some ter­ri­ble things in my time. One man was be­ing stran­gled in his own bed – he’d wake up gasp­ing, un­able to breathe.

“But peo­ple are sur­prised when I tell them I’m not afraid of these evil spir­its. They just want to be heard. I could never charge to do an ex­or­cism – the peo­ple who come to me are at their wits’ end. It would feel wrong to take their money. In­stead, I charge £40 for oneto-one read­ings, to help peo­ple


com­mu­ni­cate with those who’ve passed. I do around six read­ings a week, and I’m booked up un­til March next year. I also tour around the coun­try hold­ing talks, and I’ve writ­ten sev­eral books, too.”

Suzanne, who is sin­gle, also streams ghost hunts live on Face­book to her 93,000 fol­low­ers, but she ac­cepts that there will al­ways be scep­tics.

She says, “Not ev­ery­one be­lieves in my gift, but I’ll keep sav­ing souls, no mat­ter what. Af­ter all, most of my clients were once dis­be­liev­ers – that is, un­til it hap­pened to them...”

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