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There’s a lot go­ing on in Al­bert T Square this week. First, we’ll deal with the hoo-hah over Hay­ley and the baby – and her aw­ful mother Bev, who’s busy hatch­ing a crazy money-mak­ing scheme that doesn’t ex­actly fit into any dreams Hay­ley might have about bond­ing with her child. Af­ter one harsh word too many, Hay­ley calls Jean in des­per­a­tion, and there’s a big shout­ing match down at the Tube sta­tion be­tween Bev and Kat – leopard print fly­ing ev­ery­where. On Thursday, Kat is stunned to get a video call from Al­fie (this fol­lows some­thing hush-hush that will be re­vealed on the night). She’s all of a dither, and then, af­ter call­ing him back, he gives her some in­struc­tions, and she’s shocked to find him wait­ing for her – in per­son, larger than life. But hang on, where are the twins? He breaks the news that the boys are still in Spain, and Kat goes a bit bal­lis­tic (plenty of other, Hay­ley-re­lated stuff to oc­cupy them both soon though, eh?). Else­where, Max – who hasn’t been around much lately – is stunned to dis­cover Cora knows his mar­riage to Rainie is fake, and that Rainie and Jack slept to­gether. This causes may­hem as it means Max’s chances of get­ting his mitts on baby Abi look like vir­tu­ally nil. Then, the cops show up to take the tot, and Max is gut­ted.

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