Lloyds Phar­macy Phar­ma­cist, Pa­reena Pa­tel, ex­plains what to do when you get that tickle

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Usu­ally caused by cold or flu, a sore throat can also be an al­lergy to dust or mould from damp. Spread via droplets sprayed when you sneeze or cough, they usu­ally clear up within a week or so. Re­lieve your throat by drink­ing warm liq­uids, gar­gling salt wa­ter or suck­ing ice cubes. Avoid al­co­hol, smok­ing and very hot food or drink. If symp­toms don’t im­prove af­ter a week, see your GP. Around 85% of sore throats are not treat­able by an­tibi­otics. The walk-in Lloyds Phar­macy Sore Throat Ser­vice can di­ag­nose yours for £4.99.

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