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in­ally, we know why Linda has F turned her back on Mick and – fair play to her – she is head­ing WAY out of her com­fort zone to force a con­fes­sion out of slimy Stu­art. This week, pre­pare to shout at the telly quite a lot as Linda be­gins her plan (fol­low­ing a slight rant from Shirley, who re­veals that Mick is re­fus­ing to see her and if Linda doesn’t put things right, then she will). On Mon­day, Linda KISSES Stu­art – but then flees the room, disgusted with her­self. If gets worse when Stu­art (lord­ing it up in Mick’s Santa cos­tume) sug­gests maybe Linda should find a new Fa­ther Christ­mas, as he has “too much re­spect” for Mick for any­thing to hap­pen be­tween them – yeah, right. Wor­ried that her plan may fall apart, Linda pleads with Stu­art to carry on help­ing out – and sug­gests they have a “night­cap” (noooo!). Away from this hor­ror, there’s lots of screen time for Kat and Al­fie, who are feel­ing amorous again and share a lit­tle kiss. Al­fie is still be­ing very hands-on with Hay­ley’s baby, es­pe­cially when she gives the tot a spe­cial name, but Hay­ley is wor­ried about their se­cret be­ing ex­posed, so once again re­sorts to des­per­ate mea­sures in a bid to put things right. There’s also some stuff with un­likely drugs mule Tif­fany – who gets into a pickle, and con­fides in Ber­nadette when Lily finds her stash of illegal sub­stances…

Don’t do it, Linda!

Tiff con­fides in Ber­nadette

Stu­art con­tin­ues to be a slime­ball

Al­fie is hands-on with the baby

Kat and Al­fie share a kiss

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