Is your child talking to a ghost?

One in three of us be­lieves in spir­its, but what would you do if your son or daugh­ter was con­vinced they were com­mu­ni­cat­ing with some­one on the other side? Closer in­ves­ti­gates…

Closer (UK) - - Contents - By Anna Mathe­son

When Katie Jones’ daugh­ter be­gan W com­plain­ing that there were two men stand­ing at the end of her bed each night, she put it down to night­mares. But af­ter months of sleep­less nights, she took two-year-old Alice to a medium on the ad­vice of a friend – and was stunned to learn that her tod­dler was be­ing vis­ited by ghosts.


Katie, 33, from Can­ter­bury, says, “I was at the end of my tether over it and a friend sug­gested we take Alice to a medium. I’m quite open­minded, so I thought it could give us some an­swers. The medium said that the two men were my dad and grandad. At first, I was scep­ti­cal, but since then, Alice has con­tin­ued to see ghostly spir­its.

“When she was three, she was con­vinced she’d been talking to a lit­tle girl called Sheila. I did a bit of dig­ging on­line and learned that a girl had been mur­dered in a nearby house. As I was read­ing a news ar­ti­cle about the mur­der on my lap­top, Alice peered over my shoul­der and saw a pic­ture of the lit­tle girl. With­out any prompt­ing, she told me it was Sheila. I was gob­s­macked.”

Alice’s story may seem far­fetched, but spir­i­tual au­thor Jacky New­comb says it’s not un­com­mon for chil­dren to play with ghosts.

Jacky, who wrote the book An­gel Kids on the sub­ject, says, “I come across many chil­dren who have spirit play­mates and, the younger the child, the more likely this is to hap­pen. The ghost may be a de­ceased rel­a­tive or a spirit as­so­ci­ated with the prop­erty the child lives in.

“Don’t be afraid to ask your child to tell you more about their in­vis­i­ble friend. If they give you in­for­ma­tion, such as old-fash­ioned names or de­scrip­tions that are out­side their nor­mal ex­pe­ri­ence, that could be a sure sign it’s a spirit. The ma­jor­ity lose their abil­ity to com­mu­ni­cate well be­fore adult­hood.”


Mum-of-six Katie says that Alice soon got used to her ghostly sight­ings.

She ex­plains, “I think she found see­ing my dad and grandad quite fright­en­ing, but af­ter I ex­plained who they were, she was fine. Then, a few weeks later, she said she’d seen my nana. She de­scribed all her clothes and man­ner­isms and knew things she’d never been told, so I knew she wasn’t mak­ing it up.

“It was a year later, when we moved to Spain, that she told me about Sheila, the lit­tle girl who had been mur­dered. None of the other chil­dren have ever seen ghosts, but Alice seemed happy and healthy, so my hus­band Gareth and I tried not to worry.”

While liv­ing in Spain, a fam­ily friend had a still­born baby, and named him Max.

Katie re­mem­bers, “We never spoke about it in front of the chil­dren, as we felt they were too young. But 18 months later, Alice said she’d been vis­ited by a baby called Max. She was just four – she’d never heard his name or knew any­thing about him. We couldn’t be­lieve it. A cou­ple of years later, she told me it was Max’s fourth birthday. I checked the date, and she was right.”

Katie says that other than speak­ing to medi­ums – who all say her daugh­ter has a great gift – she didn’t seek med­i­cal or ex­pert ad­vice.

She says, “I don’t think a doc­tor would have be­lieved me and, be­sides, Alice is a bright, con­fi­dent lit­tle girl, and she al­ways does well at school. What­ever she was see­ing wasn’t af­fect­ing her.”

Now, aged 11, Alice’s gift is fad­ing. Alice ex­plains, “I see them less now. To any other chil­dren see­ing things like this, I’d say that you don’t have to be scared. Ghosts are just look­ing out for you, and try­ing to pro­tect you.”


Sin­gle mum Amelia, 37, from Eve­sham, also be­lieves her daugh­ter, Lilith, is able to com­mu­ni­cate with ghosts.

She ex­plains, “When Lilith was two, she be­gan blam­ing any naughty be­hav­iour on ‘Croc­o­dile Boy.’ At first, I thought he was an imag­i­nary friend, but as Lilith be­gan to

share more de­tails, it be­came more con­fus­ing.

“She told me he was called Croc­o­dile Boy be­cause he’d died in a fire so his skin was bumpy. I was shocked, but even more so when she said that his mum was in heaven be­cause ‘bad men’ had stabbed her to death. She was only three and had no way of know­ing what house fires and mur­ders were – I don’t know how she could have learned this in­for­ma­tion. But Lilith didn’t seem both­ered, she would chat to Croc­o­dile Boy and would even tell me she was hold­ing his hand as she walked down the road.”


Amelia ex­plains that when Lilith was four she was dev­as­tated to re­alise that Croc­o­dile Boy was a ghost.

She ex­plains, “She came run­ning into my room in hys­ter­ics. She knew that her friend was dead, but hadn’t re­alised this meant he was a ghost – the con­cept was too com­plex for her to un­der­stand.

“She slept in my bed for days, re­fus­ing to go into her room. Then, one morn­ing, she said that Croc­o­dile Boy had left as he didn’t want to scare her.”

Amelia says that Lilith, now 10, doesn’t see her friend any more.

She adds, “She does some­times tell me she sees other spir­its, but she’s not scared of them. I’ve spo­ken to a medium, who says not to worry about it if she’s healthy and happy, Mostly, I’m just happy that Croc­o­dile Boy has gone!”


Katie says her been daugh­ter had com­mu­ni­cat­ing the spirit of with mur­dered girl a

Amelia be­lieves Lilith can see ghosts

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