‘It’s over in sec­onds’

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“I of­ten see women who think the test will be very painful, but most women de­scribe just a lit­tle dis­com­fort, and it’s over in sec­onds. If you’re ex­pe­ri­enc­ing more pain than ex­pected, make sure you tell the nurse or GP, as it may be pos­si­ble for them to use a smaller specu­lum. It’s also im­por­tant to tell your GP if you’re ner­vous, or if you have any rea­son to find the ex­pe­ri­ence par­tic­u­larly trau­matic, such as a pre­vi­ous sex­ual as­sault. The more in­for­ma­tion your doc­tor has, the eas­ier it is for them to make the ex­pe­ri­ence as pos­i­tive as pos­si­ble.

“Cru­cially, there is no need to be em­bar­rassed. As GPS, we’re not think­ing about how you look down there – we just want to do the best test pos­si­ble. And if you get a let­ter ask­ing you to re­turn for fur­ther tests, don’t panic. It could be some­thing as sim­ple as not enough cells have been col­lected.”

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