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Fans speculate over Kylie’s new look

The Australian singer steps out looking dramatical­ly different – sparking speculatio­n she’s had work done


Smiling on the red carpet at an event last week, Kylie Minogue looked confident and happy – but her puffy appearance left fans speculatin­g whether the star has recently had a bout of cosmetic work. After her appearance at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, fans were quick to debate whether the pop star, 51, had succumbed to having any surgery, writing, “What has she done to her face?”, “Unrecognis­able!” and “She doesn’t look like herself any more, maybe a face lift?”

Analysing her new look, top plastic surgeon Mark Ho-Asjoe tells Closer, “Kylie’s face looks very puffy. You can see she’s definitely had Botox, and it looks like she has had some classic antiageing filler treatments, possibly in her cheeks, forehead and lips. She’s possibly had a thread face lift too – where invisible threads

pull the skin on the face – as her face looks very taut.”

Kylie – who has been dating magazine boss Paul Solomons, 43, for a year – previously admitted to using Botox in the past, but claimed she quit using it in 2009, in a bid to “be a lot more natural”. But just last year she admitted she does worry about ageing.

She said, “I’d be lying if I said I never think about getting older… I’m not pro or against [surgery]. One of my absolute idols is Jane Fonda, and the way she has handled it is admirable. I remember her saying something like, it’s 80 per cent genetics, ten per cent taking care of yourself and ten per cent a good surgeon. So if, and when, the time comes, I’ll be taking a leaf out of Jane Fonda’s book.”

By Lily Smith

 ??  ?? Kylie, looking more natural a year ago
With her boyfriend, Paul Solomons
Kylie, looking more natural a year ago With her boyfriend, Paul Solomons
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