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Goop boss: “Smelling Gwyneth’s vagina is part of my job!”

Closer chats to British-born Goop chief Shaun Kearney about life inside Gwyneth Paltrow’s controvers­ial lifestyle brand




She’s turned her lifestyle company,

Goop – which has become renowned for its eccentric products, as the Hollywood star has brought vaginal eggs, £10k dildos and orgasm-scented candles into the mainstream – into a £200m empire.


And as Gwyneth Paltrow, 47, continues to raise eyebrows with her alternativ­e take on wellness – documented in a Netflix series earlier this year – Goop’s chief designer and head of merchandis­e, Shaun Kearney, tells Closer that working at Goop is as off-the-wall as the products themselves.

“We all live and breathe these products,” Shaun, 46, says. “The Goop office is unlike any workplace in the world. You will find staff sitting at their desk with a bunch of needles in their face or wearing a necklace vibrator while discussing which sex toys

gave them the best orgasm that weekend. It’s the most hilariousl­y wonderful and crazy environmen­t.”

And while many have criticised celebrity-endorsed brands like Goop for their lack of authentici­ty, Shaun insists the Oscar-winning actresstur­ned-entreprene­ur is behind every product and procedure.


So much so, the frequently sold-out “This smells like my vagina” and “This smells like my orgasm” candles, released earlier this year, are based on the star’s own aromas.

Shaun quips, “For the Goop team, smelling Gwyneth’s vagina became just another day at the office!

“She’s the ultimate embodiment of the brand, and that means ensuring its authentici­ty with the products.”

Since launching as a weekly newsletter in 2008, Goop now has four retail shops in the US and UK, in addition to its online blog, magazine, podcast and wellness summits for devout followers.

But the company has received its fair share of criticism. It came under fire for its hefty price tags, and was sued in 2018 over its controvers­ial ‘Jade Egg’ after gynaecolog­ists blasted the brand’s claims it boosts sexual energy, health and pleasure when inserted into the vagina.

And while Gwyneth has taken the brunt of the backlash, Shaun insists her fearlessne­ss and ability to push boundaries is the key to the brand’s success.

He says, “Gwen’s a trailblaze­r and isn’t afraid to have conversati­ons we think about but often don’t have.

“She loves pushing buttons and knows that not everyone’s going to be a fan, but that’s part of her allure and what makes Goop so unique.”

The mum of two – who shares daughter Apple, 16, and son Moses, 14, with her ex-husband Chris Martin, 43 – famously brought the phrase “conscious uncoupling” into the headlines when she announced her amicable separation from the

Coldplay star in 2016 after 13 years of marriage.

And Shaun says the actress – who regularly posts snaps of her second husband, producer Brad Falchuk, 49, playing happy families with her ex – embodies her brand’s philosophy in her private life.


He adds, “She bought conscious uncoupling to the surface as that’s who she is.

“She wants to talk about things we often are too afraid to open up about, even if it’s really personal to her. She’s fearless, abrupt and passionate about bringing things to the surface, and that’s what’s made her the icon she is.”

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Withher children Appleand Moses
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Shaun is chief designer and head of merchandis­e
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At Goop HQ In her office
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