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Adult worker: “I love stripping online with my glamour model mum!”

Jessie Jo Richardson has a successful career in the adult industry, so when her daughter Achante struggled to find work, she suggested she join her…

- By Mel Fallowfiel­d and Benjy Potter

At the start of lockdown last March, Achante Richardson was struggling to find work as she saw job opportunit­ies dry up.

But three years after leaving college with a distinctio­n in graphic design, Achante, 21, is now making a fortune doing something else graphic – posing for sexy pictures with her mum!

Wearing risqué underwear, they pose for photos and video shoots – and mum-of-two Jessie Jo Richardson, 53, and Achante, 21, are raking in thousands with their unique selling point.

Jessie Jo has been doing adult work for 13 years, as a way to save money for her son, Romario, 23, who has severe health issues due to an underdevel­oped pituitary gland, and will never live independen­tly. Surprising­ly, she was the one who suggested Achante get involved in the industry too.

Achante, who lives with her mum and brother, Romario, in Nuneaton, explains, “Three years later, after leaving college, I still hadn’t managed to find work despite applying for hundreds of jobs.


“It was so dishearten­ing, especially at the beginning of the pandemic, as I knew it would only get harder to find work. My mum has been in the adult industry for 13 years – she does glamour modelling and web cam work. She’s always been incredibly open about it. I’m proud of her for working so hard to save for Romario’s future. She’s an inspiratio­n and gorgeous too – why shouldn’t she show off her body?

“When I was worrying about getting a job, she suggested joining her on OnlyFans [a subscripti­on service where you can get paid for posting racy content]. It might seem like a strange suggestion for a mum to make, but she pointed out that I’m constantly taking selfies anyway in skimpy clothes so I might as well earn money from it. And she was right! I love it.

“Mum’s taught me how to strip seductivel­y and the best poses to show off my assets. People might think it’s weird, but we’ve always been really close. And she’s my mum – why would I think it’s odd for her to see me naked?”

Single mum Jessie Jo turned to adult work when she was

40. Before then she owned a beauty salon, but she was struggling financiall­y.

She says, “I’ve been alone since Achante was three months old. Money was a huge problem – by the time I’d paid all the overheads on the salon I often only had £30 a week for food. I made sure the children never went without, but I’d be eating scraps from their plates. It was a tough time.


“Then, 13 years ago, I was approached by Babestatio­n, an adult live-chat TV show, after they’d seen some pictures of me on Twitter.

They weren’t particular­ly saucy photos, but I was flattered they’d contacted me!

“It took a lot of thinking before I agreed to give it a go. They wanted me to undress on air while taking calls from viewers and it was obviously a big deal.”

After a couple of months of considerat­ion and discussing it with her children, Jessie Jo decided to try it.

She explains, “People might think my kids were young – they were eight and 10 at the time – but I’ve always been really open with them. There was no point sugar-coating it, so I just told them straight that I’d been asked to go on television and get my boobs out and that was it. They laughed, but did take time to think about it. I wouldn’t have done it if they hadn’t agreed.”

And as soon as she did her first shift, Jessie Jo says she felt she’d made the right decision.


She says, “The other girls were all really welcoming and it was fun. And the money was great – £340 per shift! I’ve never looked back. I think I was so successful because I’m very happy in my body. I’m a curvy size 14-16, I’ve got wrinkles and I’m just very real. Other women even get in touch with me and thank me as they say that seeing me getting it all out makes them feel more confident.”

Jessie Jo has continued to work in the adult industry ever since, doing glamour work and adult TV. She says, “The money was great, it’s opened so many doors for me. At the end of the

day, I just want to make sure my children will be financiall­y secure in the future.

“If Achante wanted to do adult TV work, I’d be quite happy. I know most of the models, presenters and producers, so I know she’d be well looked after. I’d support whatever decision she made.”

But since lockdown

Jessie Jo’s stopped doing any work outside her home.

She says, “Romario has lots of medical problems, and he’s on a lot of hormone medication. He’s also mostly blind – his problems are very similar to Katie Price’s son Harvey. He’s very vulnerable to COVID-19 and I can’t take any risks.”

And it was in the first lockdown that Achante joined her mum and they set up a joint OnlyFans account – and they haven’t looked back.

Jessie Jo says, “Achante is so beautiful with a gorgeous figure. When she was upset about money, I decided to suggest doing OnlyFans. There was no pressure at all, but she was really keen.”

And Achante has surprised herself by not only relishing the money she’s earning, but also enjoying the work too. The pair can earn up to £2k a week between them.

She says, “It’s surprising­ly easy once you’ve done the first video. I was nervous at first, but mum gave me confidence. She teaches me the best poses.”

The mum and daughter duo happily pose together in racy lingerie and dress up in nurse uniforms – but they draw the line at physical interactio­n.


Achante says, “We get people asking us to kiss each other and more, but that’s disgusting and we just ignore those requests.”

Jessie Jo and Achante have successful solo accounts too where they posts videos using sex toys – but they don’t watch each other’s.

Achante says, “That would be weird – I see my mum in a lot of positions but I don’t need to see everything!”

The mother and daughter double act are now raking in


£1,000 a week each for a few hours work. Most of their earnings go into savings, though Jessie Jo has just splurged on a top of the range carpet cleaner.

Achante says, “This is a business and we work hard at it. But we relax and hang out together too, we like baking and watching TV.

“We both have boyfriends who support our jobs completely and our friends and family do too. We’ve never had any negativity.”

Achante adds, “This job isn’t for everyone but it’s great for me, especially as

I have my mum to guide me every step of the way.”

 ??  ?? Achante says her mum taught her how to pose
Achante says her mum taught her how to pose
 ??  ??
 ??  ?? The pair have always been very close
The pair have always been very close

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