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‘I’m so proud my seven year old is doing her bit!’


Thousands flock to Fistral Beach in Cornwall every year – and leave mountains of rubbish behind. One local resident,

Evie Whaley, seven, has taken matters into her own hands. Evie’s mum, Becky Miles, 39, tells Closer, “Every summer, the beach litter becomes worse, as high season brings more visitors.

“My friend Mel often does beach cleans, so last summer, Evie and I started joining her there too.

“We were shocked by how much rubbish we found. We collected 21 bin liners full of litter in less than two weeks. The work was tiring, but Evie was determined to keep on going. Now, she wakes up at 6.30am most mornings to pick litter – I don’t have to prompt her, it’s all her idea.

“And sadly, during lockdown, littering has only increased. People have beach parties and leave fires and smashed glass bottles in the sand dunes. Tourists have been blamed, but it’s now clear that locals are littering too. It’s sad to think people don’t care enough for their own beach to clear up after themselves.

“People should take litter home, and local councils also need to provide more bins and support. It shouldn’t be down to Evie to pick up after other people – but sadly, it’s her future that will be damaged by plastic pollution. I worry about her generation clearing up the mess we’ve made.

“She’s incredibly selfless and I’m so proud of her. If we could all be more like Evie, maybe there’d be less waste.”

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