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Jenny: ‘We’re not invisible, we’re experience­d – there’s no stopping bedroom antics!’


Presenter Jenny Powell, 53 – engaged to sports therapist Martin Lowe – says she stands firmly behind Amanda’s comments and praises her for talking about sex as a middleaged woman. She says, “Good on Amanda! I’ve always been fighting the corner for being aspiration­al in your fifties – we’re not invisible, we’re experience­d. I’m the fittest

I’ve ever been and the most confident I’ve ever been, so I fully get what Amanda’s saying. There’s no stopping antics in the bedroom or exuding sexuality in your fifties – and I don’t see why there should be.

“For our parents, talking about sex wasn’t the done thing, but the world’s changed and the role of women has obviously changed a lot. Hormones may play a part in your libido being off – you’ve got to really look after your hormones. Once you start to get into the perimenopa­usal/menopausal stage, as long as you can manage those hormones and look after your health by making sure you exercise and eat properly, there’s no reason why you should go off sex. Before, women suffered a lot because they didn’t look after themselves – they weren’t aware of the things they could do to help themselves.

“Young women should look forward to heading into their fifties. I’ll never forget meeting Love Island’s Amber Davies at a celeb panel show a couple of years ago and she said, ‘What?

You’re 50! My mum’s 50, do you still have sex?’ I remember saying to her, ‘Yeah, but at least I don’t do it on telly.’ That’s the sort of attitude some people have, but we’ve all worked so hard on our health and fitness so why the hell would that stop the bedroom antics as well?

“Yoga has helped me, too – it really helps you get in tune with your body. It’s all about your inner temple and loving yourself and you are getting really flexible, much more bendier and mobile, which is good for sex.

“I’m a bit old-fashioned, I don’t really swing off chandelier­s! I’ve had my moments, but I just think it makes me laugh. I think I’m a bit more convention­al, but it doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy it.”

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Jenny says she’s the fittest she’s ever been
With fiancé Martin Jenny says she’s the fittest she’s ever been
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