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Saira: ‘You’ve got to work hard for a good love life when you’ re older–I can’ t bears ed !’


Loose Women star Saira Khan turned 50 last year and says women shouldn’t put pressure on themselves to have a fiery sex life. She says, “Amanda and Ulrika are beautiful and it’s fabulous they’re having lots of sex, but they don’t represent the average woman in the street. I do not believe that most women in their fifties are enjoying that same kind of passion. I think you can get to it, but you have to work hard for it.

“I’m one of those women who has a real issue with my libido. Sex was a problem and I had no idea why – society didn’t really speak about the menopause or the effect hormones have on your libido as we get older. You have to come to terms with body issues and be able to embrace your body after having babies. It’s quite difficult to find that confidence again to express yourself and I think it’s the same for many women.

“While I enjoy having a physical relationsh­ip with my husband, I’m not like a rabbit. I’d rather curl up, have a cuddle and watch a boxset – I can’t be arsed about sex! But that doesn’t mean my marriage is in trouble or I don’t love my husband. I’m happily married – you mature and you grow together and you don’t rely on sex to cement your relationsh­ip. It’s nice to have, but it’s all the other things like holding hands and going on lovely dates that are just as important.

“I’m not saying sex dies when you’re 50, but Amanda’s saying it’s like it’s never stopped for her and I don’t think that’s realistic. It’s great in your twenties and thirties when you first get with your partner. Then you have kids and then come the wilderness years when you’re too knackered for it. When you get to 50, the hormones kick in and you go, ‘Oh my God, what’s happened to me?’ People’s bodies dry up. If you don’t eat the right foods, if you don’t exercise, if you don’t get your hormones in balance, it’s can be a real struggle.”

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 ??  ?? She admits it’s “difficult” to feel body confident
as you get older
Saira with her
17 husband of years, Steve
She admits it’s “difficult” to feel body confident as you get older Saira with her 17 husband of years, Steve
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