Closer (UK)

‘It’s special as it’s true to my family’s story’


Leonie Elliott admits her favourite time on the show was working with legendary Scottish actress Annette Crosby, 87 – who played suffragett­e Miss Millgrove.

She smiles, “Annette

Crosby was just such a generous actress. And we discover that [her character] is a hoarder and agoraphobi­c, and it was a storyline that really touched me. I loved the scenes we did together. She was wonderful.”

And Leonie, 32 – whose family emigrated from Jamaica in the 1960s like her character on the show – admits that when Lucille finds a church where she feels welcome, it struck an emotional chord with her.

She adds, “It’s a very special moment, because it was true to my family’s story, and it was an experience that my grandad had, and a lot of my mum’s cousins. It’s important for anyone to find their community, but it just felt extra special because it’s how my family found theirs when they came to England.”

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