Closer (UK)

‘It’s been fascinatin­g to play Trixie!’


Seeing Trixie change from “a bubbly, blonde, best friend-type” to delving into her past and exploring her alcoholism has really kept Helen George, 36, on her toes over the past ten years.

She says: “There’s been such a change to her character over the past decade. It’s been fascinatin­g to play and to be involved with someone else’s life for so long.

“Trixie has this wonderful aid of going back to the AA meetings, so you can always check in with her and how she’s doing as a character. It’s been a fantastic storyline to live with through the years.”

And Helen says the whole cast will be celebratin­g once the current lockdown restrictio­ns ease.

She laughs: “I’m sure there will be a lot of Champagne drinking at some point! But for the moment, I think the celebratio­n is just that we managed to film it during the pandemic. We are all really chuffed that it’s still going ahead ten years in and with so many COVID restrictio­ns as well.”

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