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‘This can be harmful to self-esteem’



KENNY SAYS, “People might think that sites like OnlyFans mean quick and easy money. But there is a cost – you are getting validation from external sources based on how you look and what you do.

“If you aren’t giving them what they want, they will stop subscribin­g and you won’t be earning anything. You’re not in a position of power, but one of submission and having to please.

“It can be very harmful for your self-esteem if your subscriber­s drop off. Your confidence might be dented or you might be tempted to move your boundaries and do more overtly sexual poses or videos in order to win them back. I’d advise anyone to think very carefully before signing up. Apart from anything else, what seems fine now might feel very different a few years down the line when your children might discover what you’re doing, or your partner can no longer accept it. Some people might think this is harmless posing, but it’s a form of sex work and that can be damaging rather than empowering.”

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