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‘Not everyone is confident enough to post unedited photos’


Geordie Shore star Sophie Kasaei, 31, reveals that filters help her earn a living and feel good about herself.

She says, “I think it’s OK to edit pictures if it makes you feel good. I get a lot of paid posts and I wouldn’t be able to work with anyone if I posted an image of myself looking like rubbish every day. That’s the honest truth. Brands work with you to use your image. As long as you wear good clothes, you look good and you’ve got the right lighting, brands will keep working with you and it’s good for your profile and your bank balance. If I post a photo where I look like crap and it’s unflatteri­ng, no one will want to work with me. It’s a harsh game.

“I know we’ve got to be role models for fans. I’m very aware of who’s going to see the pics but, at the same time, we’ve got a job to do. People know me through TV, getting papped and being out there, so it’s very hard for me to look significan­tly different on Instagram. I remember a time where I was scrutinise­d for being overweight and photos weren’t flattering, but I embraced that. It wasn’t until I started losing weight and looked after myself that my Instagram pics started to look better. That’s when brands wanted to work with me more. It doesn’t have to be perfect images every single day – that’s unrealisti­c – but interactio­ns all add up and looking good is part of being an influencer.

“I thought Khloé looked amazing in the unedited picture. The Kardashian­s have admitted to having tweaks; we know it’s not all natural, so why pick fault with it? Why have a go at her? People in the public eye do edit their photos and I think it’s OK. Not everyone is confident enough to post unedited and that should just be accepted. I don’t think it’s harmful to the fans.”

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