Closer (UK)



A nervous Ethan asks Manpreet if she’ll go with him to see his mum. Manpreet is surprised (as she might be), and there’s disappoint­ment when mummy dearest doesn’t show up – but at least it’s been a nice bonding experience for them both, with Ethan confessing that it’s been great to get to know Manpreet again (er, wait until you see who’s behind this particular developmen­t). Over at Mandy’s place, everyone tries to come up with ways of clearing Paul’s debt. Vinny finds an intriguing notebook, and before you can say “gee-gees”, he’s logged into a gambling site to try his luck. Noooo!

 ??  ?? Don’t do it!
Rishi who?
Don’t do it! Rishi who?

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