Closer (UK)




Like bees round a honeypot, Alina’s latest admirer comes in the form of Lucas (yes, Carla’s Lucas) – who provides a handy decoy when it’s actually Tyrone she’s enjoying a spot of afternoon delight with, and it’s his jeans Emma catches sight of when he’s hidden behind the sofa. Fiz is relieved to hear her nemesis has moved on, but then Maria blabs about how she was cutting Lucas’ hair when he was meant to be with Alina (no COVID rules in Corrie!) and promptly tells Ty that he better come clean to his missus, or she’ll do it for him (cheers!). Meanwhile, a terrified Faye gets her day in court and finds out what will become of her. Gary’s free to go, but will she be so lucky?

 ??  ?? Alina’s has her pick of admirers
Alina’s has her pick of admirers

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