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‘I love making an effort with my appearance – but I’d never go down the surgery route’


As of this week, hair and beauty salons in England are open for business – hooray! Like many, I’ve been waiting for this for a long time. Lockdown was great in that us ladies could relax a bit and take a break from beauty treatments. I do think it’s important to love ourselves naturally and not overly rely on make-up or all the other things we do to make ourselves look more polished. But I still love making an effort every now and then. Sometimes during lockdown, I had to remind myself, “Maeva, you have a boyfriend, try to be sexy!”

I can’t wait to get my hair and nails done. I do get a little bit of filler in my nose every six or seven months, but that’s all I get done in terms of cosmetic procedures. It evens out a bump I have and it makes my nose look a bit nicer, without having a nose job. I’d never go down the surgery route; I prefer subtle treatments.

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