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‘We’ll stop at two kids – pregnancy is a lot for me to go through’


Having Isla wasn’t a smooth road for Chloe, and she admits the thought of getting pregnant again is frightenin­g for her. The star suffered a miscarriag­e when she was 23, with her then-fiancé. Two years later, doctors discovered Chloe had high-grade abnormal cells following a routine smear, which could have led to cervical cancer if left untreated.

Following a biopsy, she had an operation in July 2018 to remove more than half her cervix, which doctors warned put her at higher risk of miscarriag­e, or having a premature birth.

Then, when she was pregnant with Isla, she had a cervical stitch in her second trimester to help strengthen the cervix and prolong the pregnancy, which was removed when she reached full-term.

“The idea of going through it all again – the worry of miscarriag­e and then the stitch and the anxiety that comes with it – is a lot,” admits Chloe, who was also not allowed to do any physical exercise while pregnant. “The worry puts me off having another one, but then I look at Isla and think I’d love her to have siblings, like I have. I don’t want there to be a huge age gap, but I think we’ll stop at two. Pregnancy is a lot for me to go through.”

 ??  ?? With fiancé Grant and their daughter Isla
With fiancé Grant and their daughter Isla

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