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Ever ordered a pretty plant pot only to realise none of your plants fit in it?

“You’d be surprised how often people order items for their home without checking the measuremen­ts, especially smaller items like cushions and side tables,” says Daniela. “Check the measuremen­ts before ordering anything, and with bulky items, map out the size of it on the floor, using leftover cardboard or household items – just to get an idea of how it will fit in that space.”

Make friends with your measuring tape for clothes, too. “Sizing varies significan­tly across brands, so a size 14 in one shop isn’t a size 14 in another,” says Daniela. “Check the size guide before buying and take your own measuremen­ts to ensure something will fit. With some brands, like Zara, you can input your weight, height, age and bra size and they recommend a size. Check the length too, so you don’t order a midi dress and find it’s more like a maxi! Also, some fabrics and fastenings will have more give in them, so a dress with an elasticate­d waistband is more likely to fit than something with a zip.”

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