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When it comes to interiors, check the materials.

“Linen and organic cotton cushion covers and bedding are often better quality, though remember that linen creases easily. If you’re looking for a solid piece of wooden furniture, check it’s solid wood rather than chipboard before ordering,” says Daniela. Clothing fabrics matter too; “Synthetic fabrics are cheaper to make,” explains Daniela. “So, in general, go for natural fabrics like organic cotton and linen blends as they tend to last longer and are kinder to skin.” Look at what you already own and love, and check the material – chances are you’ll like items of the same fabric. Zoom in on the pictures to get the best look at the fabric, and watch a “catwalk video” of the model if available; ASOS offers a video option and it’s a good idea to view, so you can see how the item moves, and if it clings anywhere .”

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